Systematic Security Core

Supro Security Services Pvt Ltd., with over 31 years of unwavering commitment and excellence, has earned its position as a trusted provider of manned guarding services. Our extensive clientele includes multinational corporations, hotels, residences, embassies, educational institutions, and more. As a reputable Systematic Security Core solutions provider, we take pride in our team of highly-experienced security professionals, including senior retired Defence & Para Military Officers, who bring unparalleled expertise and value for money to each client.


At Supro Security Services, we offer a comprehensive range of Systematic Security Core tailored to meet the unique security needs of our clients. From commercial security to public sector safeguarding, we have the knowledge and resources to provide top-notch solutions. Our security guards undergo rigorous training and thorough vetting to ensure that only the most capable and reliable individuals join our team. They are equipped to handle diverse security challenges and are well-versed in the latest security protocols and technologies.


Our manned guarding services encompass a wide array of responsibilities aimed at protecting property and individuals. Our security guards, gunmen, and personal security officers diligently patrol and inspect premises, safeguarding against threats such as fire, theft, vandalism, terrorism, and illegal activities. In addition, our guards excel in crowd control, parking supervision, seating management, and traffic direction, ensuring the smooth operation of public spaces like universities, parks, and sports stadiums.


When it comes to our manned guards, we set industry-leading standards. All our guards not only meet rigorous physique requirements but are also matriculate, proficient in both English and Hindi languages, and possess 2-3 years of relevant experience. Their comprehensive skill set and professionalism make them ideal candidates for any security assignment.


Supro Security Services understands that security concerns can arise at any time. Therefore, we offer round-the-clock security services to provide our clients with peace of mind and a sense of safety for their properties and loved ones. Whether it’s protecting your business premises or ensuring the security of your residential complex, our dedicated team is always ready to deliver prompt and reliable security solutions.


To avail yourself of our renowned security services, simply reach out to us at +91-9555664414 or 9999363414. Our team of security experts will be delighted to discuss your specific security requirements and devise a tailor-made solution to meet your needs effectively.


With Supro Security Services Pvt Ltd., you can trust that your security concerns are in capable hands. Our commitment to excellence, industry expertise, and customer-centric approach make us the go-to choice for comprehensive and reliable manned guarding services.



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